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Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery
- your Barrie, ON wedding florist -
offers a wide selection of bridal bouquets,
wedding ceremony flowers, floral cake decorations,
& centerpieces to fit any budget

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Send hand-arranged and hand-delivered fresher flowers by your local expert florist.

Wedding Ceremony - by Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery


The perfect wedding: exchanging vows in the presence of your loved ones…and gorgeous, colorful flowers designed just for you. Say “I do” in a sea of vibrant color. Our flower designers can create decorations to make your ceremony extra special. Call or email us to set up a consultation and see what we can do to make your wedding ceremony a dream come true.

KC2 [KC2]
Pinecones [Pinecones]
DSC_1726 [DSC_1726]
Magenta [Magenta-1]

Pink118 [Custom-1]
Pink218 [Custom-2]
Red118 [Custom-3]
Custom [BGH-118]

Custom [BGH-218]
Custom01 [Custom01]
Custom02 [Custom02]
Custom [CUSTOM]

Custom [CUSTOM]
Custom [CUSTOM]
Wedding Bouquet [BGG-100]
Wedding Bouquet [BGG-101]

DSC_1202 [DSC_1202]
DSC_1232 [DSC_1232]
DSC_1242 [DSC_1242]
Wedding [bgg-w01]

Wedding [bgg-w002]
Wedding [bgg-w003]
DSC-1102 [DSC-1102]
bridal [BG-004]

K4 [K4]
K3 [K3]

dsc0020 [dsc0020]
dsc0099 [dsc0099]
dsc0030 [dsc0030]
dsc0072 [dsc0072]

DSC9999 [DSC9999]
DSC9942 [DSC9942]
custom [DSC_0390]
custom [DSC_0308]

custom [DSC_0298]
custom [DSC_0976]
DSC-1047 [DSC-1047]
DSC-1065 [DSC-1065]

Bridal Bouquet [BGG-010]
bridal [BG-001]
DSC6970 [FFD-01]
IMG0745 [FFD-02]

IMG0889 [FFD-03]
IMG0739 [FFD-04]
IMG1816 [FFD-05]
IMG9279 [FFD-06]

DSC7053 [FFD-07]
DSC8970 [FFD-08]
IMG4962 [FFD-09]
J1 [FFD-10]

IMG7244 [FFD-11]
IMG1299 [FFD-12]
DSC7182 [FFD-13]
DSC9196 [FFD-14]

DSC7471 [FFD-15]
DSC6946 [FFD-16]
IMG0761 [FFD-17]
Wedding Ceremony [BGG-03]

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